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4" HERMetic GT4

Пробоотборник закрытого типа (взрывозащищенный)

HERMetic Sampler GT4

Portable Sampler with approx. 2 liters sampling capacity

The HERMetic Sampler GT4 is designed for closed gas tight sampling of liquids which present a Fire-, Health- or Airpollution Hazard. The sampler housing is mounted on top of the HERMetic 4" deck valve. The transfer of the liquid from the sampling bottle to a laboratory bottle occurs by opening the transfer valve at the bottom of the sampler.Easy installation on 4" vapour control valve

  • The sampling height can be read on the graduated tape
  • The sampling bottle can be easily removed by opening the top of the sampler housing
  • The sampler is delivered with a zone sampling bottle. Spot and running bottles on request
Габариты 770 х 220 мм
Вес 8,1 кг
Длина ленты 30м (50м - по запросу)
Объем пробы ~2 л
Материал Нержавеющая сталь AISI 316
Уплотнение FKM
Взрывозащита KEMA 06ATEX0027 ( II 1 G c IIB T6 )


Наименование Артикул
HERMetic Sampler GT4 10033